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This gallery reflects my passion to document life through my camera lens.
I hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I like creating the images and sharing them.

Guestbook for Timothy Bury Photography
33.Timothy Bury Photography
Thank you Stephen. Thank you Rajeesh, I really appreciate your kind comments.

Rajeesh- The pictures in the gallery are from mostly a D300 and my current camera a D7000. Most images are from a 17-50 Tamron or Sigma (17-50 2.8), some of the longer focal lengths are from a 70-200. Also some various primes (60mm macro, 35mm, or 50mm). There is an info tab next to each image that provides focal length. Also, the keywords may contain the lens used. Best Regards!
32.Rajeesh Kunju(non-registered)
Awesomee..superlikes. night photography is superb, the water from the sprinkler.WOW.. you need to set up some exhibition of your pics dude...good luck.
may i know which camera & lens combi you use?
31.Stephen Saldhana(non-registered)
This is a very very good collection. I like specially the Nature photos. I would like to share this with my friends too....
29.Zain Abdullah Photography
You have an awesome collection of photographs. Congratulations on your success in publishing a book on your photographic works. All the best to you.
28.Living Life Photography by Carolyn Marshall
Oh, my! What an incredibly beautiful portfolio. I was especially touched by the site you have set up for your church. Spreading God's Word through the talent He blesses me with and touching the lives of veterans was what got me started in photography. I have thoroughly enjoyed my walk through your galleries. It was as if I could step into the images or touch the flowers. God has definitely blessed you with a wonderful talent and gift for photography.
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